Faint Hopes – Part 9

Faint Hopes by Ken Liebeskind

Part 9

It was much quieter outside, a whole other scene that was ideal for intimacy. David put his arm around Dawn and kissed her cheek. She turned to him and their eyes met and for a moment David was lost in them, falling to a place he had never been before. He kissed her on the mouth, tasting the coffee they’d just shared. Like the coffee, her lips were rich and warm, and David kissed them again and again, experiencing bursts of pleasure.
She was so beautiful he had to be careful, but she responded in kind, which made it easier. A few physical minutes with Dawn was a revelation, it seemed, for the life he wanted to lead.
When David arrived at the restaurant the next day, he was a bundle of nerves. He couldn’t wait to see Lee, to set the record straight. He wasn’t sure he’d tell him exactly what happened, because there were privacy issues to consider, not that Dawn ever kept her affairs a secret. Still, he didn’t want the story to get all over the restaurant. He wanted his relationship with Dawn all for himself. But he was full of a self-confidence he had never demonstrated to Lee, and he was ready to express it.
He saw Lee in the employee cafeteria, before the shift even started. Lee was sitting by himself eating a plate of grub, which is what they served employees. But at least it was free. David got his own plate and sat down next to Lee. “This is the kind of food he-men eat,” he declared, stabbing his fork into a piece of something. “How would you know about that?” Lee asked. “Because I’m a macho, macho man,” David continued, taking a big bite and swallowing hard. “Oh, my God, you got laid last night,” Lee said. “I never thought it could happen.” “In your face,” David said, with a big grin. “So did he have a big dick?”
Lee asked. “No she didn’t,” David said. “She didn’t even have a small one.” For a second, Lee’s face turned red, and David thought he had finally turned the tables on him. “Does it surprise you?” he asked.
“Not really,” Lee said.